Build Your Competitive Advantage

By creating an iOS app, you can leverage not only potential customers, but also your business. applications can compete not only with other small businesses, but also with industry giants. Still, this is only one reason to create an iPhone app and more:

  • Want to make it easy for customers to place orders, book, find your business, and read reviews?
  • Want to attract customers with loyalty cards, holiday coupons, and attractive push notifications that appear right on their iOS devices?
  • Want to increase sales by allowing your customers to buy your products online right away at any time of the day, without having to enter your store?

If you do, then it looks like you need to know how to create iOS apps.

Get a Smart Idea

Do you have a unique idea for the application? You probably know that there is are millions of applications. What makes your product stand out? Why do some people want to use your app? If they want to use it, why should they pay for it?

Be sure to check if there are other applications that perform the same actions you proposed. Or, if you want to create something better than an existing one, consider how your idea will be best. Draw on paper or on a computer.

Get the Mac

Currently the iPhone development tool is only available to Mac users (even if there is evidence that the chain break mode is set on the PC), but to get it in the App Store, you will need a Mac to access it. If you do not have a Mac, you can buy a Mac mini relatively cheaply.

Apply as an Apple Developer

To use Mac tools, you need to be the official developer of Apple. Registration is free so you just need to provide your data and agree to its terms. You only need to sign up once to use the same password and username as your iTunes account. Once you become an Apple developer, you can develop an iPhone app for any Mac product.

Download the Software Development Kit

Once you become an official iOS developer, you should download the SDK for your iPhone. The version of the program you need depends on the operating system currently running. This download is huge because it comes with a variety of documentation, sample code and a variety of things that you will be happy in the future. This may take a couple of hours, so maybe you want to start downloading, put on a good movie and wait.

Download XCode

If you have not already done so, download XCode. According to Apple, "Xcode is a complete and complete IDE that integrates source code editing, build and build steps, and graphical debugging experience around a streamlined workflow - all without leaving the source. of the code "This is another huge download, so you may want to rent a second movie.

Create your iOS App with the Templates

After you draw the app in Photoshop or on paper, start designing using the templates provided in the SDK. This is where massive download time will bring great benefits. You will have many templates to choose from, and there are many great YouTube editing tutorials on how to create programs using templates effectively.

Learn the C-objective of Cocoa

If you like programming languages, you'll like Objective-C. If you don't know how to code, this part can become complicated, so you may need to find a programmer friend or hire a professional team of iOS developers like ours.

Test the App on the iPhone Simulator

The SDK comes with a beautiful iPhone emulator. You need to load your app and do your own testing. You should find as many bugs as possible and consider all the ways in which someone can use your app.

Submit your Product for Approval

After testing in the community and solving any problem, the next step is to submit the app to iTunes for approval. You can upload directly from the community. The approval process may take some time.

Watch the Mass and the Traffic Rolls!

If you create a paid iOS app, wait until the money goes to shore. If you create a free app, watch the traffic! Have any doubts that you can manage this process on your own? Contact us and find out how to create iOS apps with a professional software development company.