Why iOS?

Like any other Apple product,iOS represents a fast, efficient and convenient Swift philosophy. Everything that will make the development fast and productive:

  • The right toolkit of XCode, iPhone emulator is a useful tool for developing and debugging apps.
  • The Swift Code is a convenient language for both beginners and experts. For example, it allows the use of many elements of the programming function.
  • Frameworks of both Apple and third parties such as Facebook.
  • The quality of the video documentation of the WWDC Annual Development Conference contains a wealth of useful information.
  • Community of developers. They are friendly people who are always willing to help when you are developing your program.
  • If you ask a professional developer to create mobile unvulnerable software, your answer will be iOS.

Advantages of the Apple targeted operating system

Our experience in developing for both platforms confirms that Android takes enough time to create software that works well. Although the general development process is the same. But the difference in working hours seems to be significant. Many Android-based devices have different technical characteristics due to their resolution or screen size. Most developers often want to optimize the app for each version separately: perform tests, ensure quality and debug. When it comes to working hours, developing for iOS requires less than Android at 28%.

Reduce maintenance costs. Continuous assistance is an important part of developing apps for iOS and Android. However, Apple helps reduce maintenance costs with universal development standards for all devices. It is not necessary to consider each feature of different brand owners, who are free to add changes to the functionality of the smartphone, leading to unpredictable behavior of the software in different ways.

In addition, the IOS platform has earned a reputation for a secure and stable operating system with high functionality and ease of use. Organizations that need a sustainable and unavoidable operating system require employees to have Apple hardware.

Possible defects

As with all other platforms, iOS still has some disadvantages:

  • the AppStore requires careful scrutiny and often consumes more time on Google Play to launch new software, especially if the app has complex functionality and a set of options.
  • on iOS it is also impossible to use certain functions due to the high security of user data, but these small problems do not diminish the advantages mentioned above.

iOS Software Development Manual

If you know have some experience developing programs or have programming skills, you can make your thoughts come alive without or with insignificant outside help. In this case, you must have enough time and patience and be prepared for a long way to success.


Before starting to develop software, it is necessary to define the objectives of the project. The availability for this purpose at the beginning of the project is an important parameter that will help answer if the development goes in the right direction.

What are you waiting for?

The most common questions that people have about requesting an iPhone or iPad are: "How can the software improve my business and increase the return on investment?". It is difficult to give a definitive answer to this question. It depends on the purpose you want for the application and where you are ready to participate in the process of developing. For each app, the following parameters are unique:

  • resolved use
  • construction cost
  • popularity

All these factors affect the financial success of the application and the final contribution.

Where to start?

The competition in the App Store is fierce, every day there are dozens of new high-quality programs. To achieve maximum success in a highly competitive App Store environment, your ideas should be well weighed and elaborated.

Estimate your thoughts

It is not easy to estimate something if you are not an expert in the area. So, it is better to rely on development specialists:

  • Marketing specialist

For example, our specialists have specialized knowledge about the success of their clients' apps in the App Store, as well as the best promotion strategies.

  • iPhone app developers

You can contact the developer or try to ask the independent developer. Many people are interested in communicating with the community and if you talk about these people for advice, they are very likely to discuss your ideas.

What is the evaluation?

When you get an expert opinion on an idea, you will learn the following:

  • If your product will be fiercely competitive
  • Does the idea have technical limitations?
  • How to use a step-by-step approach to the development process
  • If you can add ideas in any way to increase sales
  • The idea can be profitable considering the cost of construction
  • Whether this idea is ideal for use in mobile phones
  • Can your target audience provide the required return?

This data set must be obtained from an experienced analyst. In addition, the real appreciation of the popularity and demand will be obtained after the market tests with MVP, and after having compiled this information, you can follow the following steps of the project after obtaining the desired trust.


Many new developers are considering launching the final product. It takes time, while the market situation can change drastically. Therefore, it is necessary to think about MVP, the smallest product for the first MVP. Simply choose the most important assumption and perform the inexpensive experiment for the check.

You will get valuable comments and you will be able to find the market with the most views.

iOS application development guidelines

To develop an application, you must learn to encrypt programs and become familiar with the development tools for the iOS platform.

The main difference of developing for Apple is the will to take care of the security of the user. If the app conflicts with the company policy, you can not enable it. That is an important reason to know what is allowed. If you want to work with your app, do not use the simulator. On the device, you must register as an iOS developer valued at $ 99 per year. It is not mandatory, but if you want to publish apps in the AppStore, you must do so.

Developers can not manage without the skills and tools necessary to create an iOS application. They include:

  • Xcode, the Apple IDE, a free graphic interface to develop applications

The action is to support the autocompleta. You can find errors in the code before using it and use some debugging and performance tools.

  • Swift, Apple's programming language

Compared to Objective-C, the Swift presented in 2014 is not very complex and greatly reduces the programming process. It is actively used as a software developer around the world.

  • iOS SDK

It is used to develop native iOS apps and display software development kits for software distribution through the App Store. Prices and sales. 70% of sales. If the application is free, the only fee you must pay is the membership fee of the SDK. IPhone function simulator and view on the desktop.

Register a developer account

You can register for an account in the iOS Development Center. It will cost you $ 99 per year unless you have to provide the information in your bank account. Prepare this information before registering.

Draw your app form

If you already have an idea, you should have an image that shows how the application will look. To develop a draft interface, then begin to transfer your ideas to paper. The main objective of the design is to represent the basis for the next phase of the project.

If you plan to make the most of your outsourcing work, show your sketches to the designers and developers to get a quote.

Developing iOS apps

If you are an Objective-C or Cocoa developer, open Xcode and start scheduling your future apps.

Marketing and promotion

The application can be used with the App Store but remains unnoticed at the same time. You need to develop strategies for promotion and it is better if you have multiple strategies. Prepare to experiment, some ideas may work and others may not.

Collaboration with our company

Developing iOS apps is not a simple task for a single person. This complex trip requires teams of designers, programmers, testers, analysts and managers to obtain the best results.

If you want to avoid risk, save time, get support and quality guarantees, approach to our application development company.

Our programmers have extensive experience in software building and can develop applications of any complexity. Our easy-to-use and efficient products help companies increase productivity and revenue, as well as attract new customers, optimize workflow and generate profits from the digital possibilities that an application can offer.

Being experts in iOS application development, we are keeping up with the latest trends and create great apps. We have clients from many areas and are ready to provide you their recommendations. Please contact us for a free consultation today.