Benefits of Android

When you are engaged in the development, it is important to choose the right development platform. Although there are dozens of operating systems, most people often choose one of the most popular operating systems in California, with more than 80% of the Apple iOS market and Google Android.

  • First, it is necessary to define the objective. If you expect to win a general audience, Android is the best platform to use. However, if you trust that your users are using most of their Apple gadgets, you should consider developing iOS applications.
  • Speaking about the development of Android applications, it is necessary to mark the popularity of this operating system. Although it is comparable to Apple's main rivals, Android has a large market share: more than 70%. That is, seven out of ten smart device owners use Android-based gadgets.
  • Choosing the first Google platform means expanding your audience: Use it only on smartphones and cartops, audio, books, electronics and other Internet-related devices.

In addition, Google has solved many of these annoying problems, including the weakness of the silent operating system in low-end devices and the design of end-to-end applications. Design of materials: the company has created a development framework. The software looks amazing.

Partial opening code

The Android operating system has several similarities with the Google Chrome browser. However, manufacturers can rewrite and adapt to the needs of users, image components and many other useful things for mobile phones. Apple products do not have options for customization or extensive connectivity.

Widgets and data animations

The Google mobile operating system offers a variety of options to develop widgets to facilitate the implementation of applications with just one click from the home screen. In some versions, you can also change and resize the widget. Our Android development team can also develop advanced widgets for the app to let your software be attractive and eye-catching for the users.

Google Services

The dozens of Google cloud services already exist and work better than many other platforms. We will help you start applications on Google Play and provide all the support you need to make your products stand out. And popular with the main audiences.

Reasonable and useful

Android mobile operating system: an economical way to continue with the new digital market. The initial price of a smartphone's budget starts at $ 100, which of course is popular and easily accessible to all buyers. You will find a central audience among users of Android devices and you can integrate your software with your employees' smartphones without having to spend extra money.

Google Play Rapid Market

Android has an advanced app market from where users can download thousands of applications that extend the functionality of smartphones. Google Play is fast, elegant and comfortable. This means that the software is available to the general public, while the functionality is useful and easy to use, like other famous platforms.

Information technology for business

For a modern entrepreneur to obtain the best conditions to manage a company, he must have two key terms:

  • Constant sales growth
  • Total control over all work activities and interactions among the staff

This combination is quite rare because it is not easy to keep up with the many daily processes. New technologies solve most of the problems that organizations face and allow companies to maximize productivity.

How to create an Android app

There are several ways to develop an app:

  • Use the site that created the app and develop it yourself
  • Learn a programming language
  • Hire a professional development team

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and you must choose according to your needs and requirements.

App development constructors

If you want simple applications and you have the time and desire.

Without development knowledge, you can choose one of the manufacturers of applications available on the Internet. These resources often include tutorial videos and guides that can help beginners develop the first mobile app. It is the right decision for a professional app. Unfortunately, such programs only look at work. But do not feel that way. They often lack the necessary options and simply force you to choose templates and prefabricated options to add. As a result, the work becomes very limited and there is no guarantee of successful use. Of course, this approach is probably the most economical, however, the construction usually has no maintenance costs, and the additional options, as a rule, pay monthly.

What is it to be a software developer?

All professions require special education and development tools. To learn programming skills, people often get their degree and should not rely on spending time making it easy and convenient. If you decide to develop an app completely, learn the programming language and how to use the Java engine as the programming language you need. There are applications on operating systems and devices, including Windows and Linux for this tool, you must start with the IDE and the Android SDK also need to have access to a library that is useful to get an opportunity to add new functions unnecessarily. You need to write everything from scratch.

Before you begin to learn the programming language, make sure you have the device to work with and create a developer account. Good news: Google Play requires a one-time payment of $ 25 for registration. Then you can create software for the platform, either Linux or Windows.

Possibility of wireless gadgets

In business, there are no significant moments, and in practice each element can generate huge income. In times of wireless technology, there are more possibilities for companies to use gadgets:

  • Automation of most of the process
  • Reduce the expense
  • Optimization of resources, and much more

To find the right solution, two simple steps are needed to direct the development of the software, which is used as a basic element in the work of employees, as a convenient tool to communicate with customers or as a source of distribution and promotion. With our app, you will feel the difference in the shortest possible terms.

Mobile e-commerce

Mobile e-commerce is a process used to make transactions, buy and sell by wireless data transfer. Simplify workflow and accelerate workflow. We can develop applications that allow not only but the amount of purchases also includes the activities of the staff.

Development phase

The development of Android applications.

Here we explaine step by step how to obtain the best results.

  • First specifications of personal meetings with clients, we will find the central ideas of the app. Project manager collect all the demands and provides all the details that may be useful for our additional work: purpose, navigation element, functionality and more. Based on this information, we will calculate the price and terms of specification.
  • The designers dominate the design thoroughly, taking into account all the characteristics of the platform with which we work. It can be interactive or fixed. In addition, our designers have developed an intuitive interface based on the latest trends in the digital market.
  • Develop. our programmers, write codes, create intermediate versions and perform basic tests in each step.
  • Tests. When the design and use are determined, the errors are eliminated. We test products on devices such as phones and tablets with Android operating systems.
  • In this step, we register customers in the store and the app enters into Google moderation.
  • Technical support. After development, we will not leave our clients and help them with software maintenance. Our developers will adapt the app to changing conditions and will not prevent the program from becoming what we have planned.
  • Marketing Promotion. In this stage, we participate in the promotion of the project so that users not only download, but use it for a long time.

As you can see, the development process takes a while. We believe that the correct structure of work is the guarantee of quality.

Create your app with our Android Development

The best way to get high quality applications without the risk and effort is to collaborate with a professional developer.

Our company offers a one stop shop to create software for companies around the world. Our team consists of 100 technical experts: software creators, business analysts, project managers and quality engineers. Our everyday professionals create on-level and technology-based programs. Tell us about the problems you must solve or show ideas, and we will find the best solution for your case. You not only But get high-tech applications. It also guarantees quality and post-production support.

Select the type of software you need

All terms of use can be divided into three categories:

  • A web app is a cross-platform program that is only available in browsers and is displayed on any smartphone. The app requires a short-term development with a small investment.
  • Hybrid applications can use web technologies (such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS), but they also have access to mobile functionality. There is the possibility of making changes without leaving a new version. It is also an excellent option to understand this concept and observe the results because it can be placed in a store. By default, native applications with active HTML.
  • Native software is more beneficial with its functionality and speed. You can distribute it through the app stores and involve new customers. Of course, developing native applications takes time and money. However, you will receive the payment in the shortest possible time.

Android is the most frequent platform and allows access to hundreds of frames, focusing on moving forward.

We can develop mobile applications for Android, which will become an important tool at the right price.

Let's create an app together

The development for Android and IOS is something that we are concentrating for nearly a decade. Our team provides customer consulting, technical support and solutions for each unique enquiry.

If you want to create an Android mobile app, describe your ideas and we will make them the most productive and profitable product.